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Data Entry?

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Power BI data entry & reports

By using Power BI data entry engine with information from the supported platforms, reporting analysis and informative diagrams will provide the best and easy to read information for different purposes such as following up the budget of the company and the expenses which need to be reviewed.

Data entry

  • Organizing already existing database in particular model in order to produce sufficient analysis for reducing expenses, optimizing budgets and much more.

  • Implementing information from different resources in order to manage and extract the desired information in understandable and meaningful way.


  • Creating job offers

  • Selecting process among the candidates for interviews

  • Contacting the candidates for interviews

  • Interviewing the candidates which are matching the best description of the job

  • Providing report for each candidate to the customer

Travel Planning

  • Booking hotels, flights and transport between airport.

  • Checking for any changes and updating the information.

Calendar management

Managing the calendar by entering and keeping up to date important information’s such as meetings, calls, holidays, business trips and different events.





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£23 50 /H

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£ 35

About Us

MGP Services LTD

My passion as a data and reports maker comes from a long and dedicated hours adding, preparing and reading reports and diagrams for my personal needs. From a young age I have always been aware that following up and keeping a well-organised history of my expenses is a major tool for my success. I found that working with programs such as Power BI, Excel and different versions of the Microsoft provided tools are very useful in a short and long term goals for achieving financial independence and success.

After I've complete a degree in International Management, I decided to pursue the possibility of becoming a manager or human resource recruiter corresponding to the expertise that I have been prepared for. I studied for a BSc degree in International Business Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University, and graduated it in 2016 with a First Class Honours degree. My dissertation on the topic "What motivates employees to achieve success and goals?" is in use as an example in the student library for great work.

I started working in a truck and renting industry for a company based in America. During the time that I was employed there, I managed to create individual report models which led to increase of the company budgets, reduce the expenses and growth in the field.

I enjoyed so much the process of creating professional report models and analysis that I want to show this magical experience to anyone who wants to dive in the world of numbers and success.